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Tyre Safety

It’s a legal requirement for every single motorist on the road to make sure that their car tyres are completely safe. The hints and tips below will help you to determine whether or not you need to renew your tyres.

Tread depth

The part of the tyre that grips onto the road whilst being on the move is its tread. As a result, we recommend that you check its tread depth at least once a month.

How to check your tyres

The process couldn’t be any easier. Simply place a 20p piece into the grooves of the tyre at several locations around its circumference. If you can see the outer band at any point, the tread depth may be illegal and unsafe; this is an indicator that you need new car tyres.

For a more accurate reading, check them with a tyre tread gauge.

Tyre pressure

You need to ensure that your tyres are always inflated to the correct pressure to enhance your safety and increase the tyre performance.

To find the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle, see your owner’s manual. We recommend that you check it once a month. This can be done in most petrol stations.


It’s essential that you purchase the right tyres for your vehicle and driving style. See our tyre guide for more information.

Spare wheel

If you have carried out any of the checks from above and need new car tyres, enter your registration number or tyre sizes into our handy finder to be presented with the most suitable ones for your vehicle.

* Free next day fitting offered on the majority of orders, earliest fitting time will be listed on site at time of selection, delivery is subject to stock and stock location.