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Complete peace of mind when ordering tyres online

Knowing what tyres to get for your car can often be a difficult task, what makes it even more daunting is the number of brands of car tyres to choose from. With plenty of reputable tyre manufacturers out there, RAC Tyres will make sure you choose the right ones for your vehicle. Offering a correct fit guarantee, our professionals utilise their skills and expertise to ensure that no wrong tyres are fitted.

What we do for you...

  • Safely order your tyres online
  • Have your order reviewed by one of our experts
  • Complete vehicle breakdown or tyre specifications
  • Incorrect order? Just pay the difference between tyre prices
  • No hidden costs. All prices include fitting, balancing and disposal of your old tyres
  • Complete refund if no other tyre options are available
  • Simple multi-search facility for you to find the very best tyres for your vehicle
  • Over 1000 affiliated local tyre service centres throughout England, Scotland and Wales

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Our guarantee

Once your order has been placed, one of our tyre fitting experts will review it. Backed by a wealth of industry experience, our highly skilled team know what tyres suit what cars. So, if we think that the tyres you've ordered won't fit your car correctly, we'll get in contact with you to talk about your options.

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Providing professional advice

If we believe that the wrong size tyres have been selected on your order, we'll give you a call. For example, if we think you may need run-flat tyres and you have selected non-run-flat tyres, we will try and get in touch with you to double check. Similarly, when you arrive at the garage, our trained network of fitters will also ensure that the tyre you have ordered is correct.

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How it's done

As experts in tyre safety, RAC Tyres are a trustworthy company that can help you save time and money. Thanks to our tyre fit guarantee, you can rest assured knowing that the tyres that are fitted to your behicle will be both safe and suitable.

Ordering your tyres has never been easier. Simply enter your vehicle registration to start your car tyre search. If you already know the width, profile, diameter, load and speed, that's great. However if you don't, theres no need to worry. We'll show you the tyres that are suitable for both the front and rear of your vehicle. You can then simply select your preferred tyres from our vast range of brands and budgets. We always advise you to check the size of the current tyres fitted to your car to ensure you are selecting the right size, don't forget your front and rear tyre sizes may be different.

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Finding your tyre size

The diagram above gives you an example of how the measurements should appear. In this instance:

205 - width (mm)

55 - profile (mm)

16 - diameter (inches)

91 - maximum carrying load

W - speed rating

The above measurements can be entered into our tyre finder, so you can find the most suitable one for your vehicle.

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Placing your order

Our prices are all inclusive, meaning that what you see is what you get. The price you're shown includes the fitting, balancing and disposal of your old tyres. Not only this, but you can make safe and secure payments online to make transactions quick and simple. What's more, when the correct tyre is seleted at point of ordering, you don't need to pay anything when you get to the fitting centre!

You can choose from brands such as:

  • Michelin
  • Pirelli
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Goodyear
  • Bridgestone